Chinmayi: Media in Tamil Nadu has not been kind to women coming out with their stories

“A little moral support would have been good,” she said. My conscience pricked me and I spoke up,” she said. Latest Videos


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There was, however, a handful of people in Kollywood that expressed solidarity with her. Advertising

Chinmayi is keeping the Tamil film industry on its toes. He put out a long tweet recalling a recording in which I did everything in my capacity to avoid being in the same place as Mr. “Even when #MeToo movement broke out, I remember texting Madhan Karky that ‘I don’t think I will ever have the strength to name your father (Vairamuthu) publicly’. In spite of all the hostility she faces on a daily basis, she continues to keep asking questions. She was removed from the dubbing union, which was headed by Radha Ravi. But the public is still asking me where’s my passport. Samantha is helping me get work in Telugu films. But, not all of them stand by her openly. I think that is the only thing that actually helps for those who constantly get belittled,” she remarked. I was not sharing my story but I was asking other women who were less influential and powerful than me to share their stores. On top of it, she is not getting enough singing assignments in Tamil movies like before. 0
Comment(s) But I think if you see something is wrong and say nothing about it, you have already sided with the oppressor.”


Does she have any hope that outspoken women like her would be treated fairly in the film industry? Nakkheeran Gopal wrote that BJP gave me a house in Bengaluru to accuse Vairamuthu. “I have hope in Hyderabad film industry. Media in Tamil Nadu has not been kind to women coming out with their stories,” Chinmayi said. They set up an ICC (internal complaints committee) and an inquiry commission. “Govind Vasantha, Ghibran, upcoming composer Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy, they all stood by me. Chinmayi claims that a lot of women from the industry tell her in person that she was very brave and they could have never done what she did. But, it’s clearly an unthankful job as the singer says she is repeatedly slut-shamed and trolled on social media. I kept telling other people to share their stories. 10 years ago, she never dreamed of leading such a fight from the front. I have hope in Bollywood, which has refused to work with men named in the #MeToo movement.”
“The first question I was asked when I came out with my story was what was my caste. And even most of the responses from the common people were the same,” she added. I will get trained by the experts on how to create awareness about the subject,” Chinmayi said. Her life has drastically changed. And at some point, I realized the hypocrisy in it. “I can’t blame people who don’t speak up. “I am thinking of visiting schools and colleges and speak about the issues of sexual harassment and how to deal with them. Thirumurugan Gandhi repeated that allegation and Seeman protected Vairamuthu. Because they are aping Rangaraj Pandey’s question. Ashwin is just 28 but he spoke up for me. Anger is my fuel. So what’s next for her? “It’s in my DNA. Now, she is not just a musician but also an activist who keeps raising questions concerning women’s rights and safety. I will join groups that are already dealing with cases of sexual harassment and child abuse. Vairamuthu.