Denise Richards won’t let her kids watch Wild Things

“I definitely did not give them a copy. I told them, ‘I don’t want you guys watching this’, because one of my daughters brought it up to me and I was shocked,” Richards said. 0
Comment(s) I worked with amazing actors and one day if you do see it, you may not agree with my decision but that’s what mum decided to do’,” she added. Advertising

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, the 48-year-old actor said her three daughters — Sam, Lola and Eloise Joni — have been barred from watching the film due to its sexually explicit content. Advertising

Richards believes it is “weird” for her daughters to find out about her films where she plays “sexy or different” characters. It’s not age appropriate and it was a movie I did, it was a script I loved, it’s me being creative. “I think it would be very rude for me if it were my parents,” the actor added. “A couple of friends had told her about it and I just said to her, ‘I would appreciate if you didn’t watch it.