Fans find Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 dark and dimly lit


“‘Game of Thrones’ is so dark because they want the lighting to be realistic but considering the show has DRAGONS and ZOMBIES is that REALLY NECESSARY,” read the tweet. Also read | Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3: Five best moments

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“Public service announcement: Adjust the brightness on your screen. 0
Comment(s) Another said it would be difficult to give out spoilers this time as no one was sure what was happening. IT’S SO F**KING DARK,” the user wrote. “GOT spoiler without context. The team wanted “to make these sets and locations feel as if they’re absolutely not lit by us, but only by Mother Nature or some candles,” adding so that it feels “more naturalistic, albeit enhanced in some cases”. Oh you can’t see anything? Majority of the battle takes place at night, so the low light makes sense, but fans complained on social media that even with raging fires all around the castle, they struggled to see the action clearly. “Let’s play a game called ‘Am I sitting in the dark or watching The Battle of Winterfell’ #gameofthrones #got,” one wrote. More Explained

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For a tweeple, the episode, which boasts to be the biggest battle sequence in TV history, was the “most frustrating” one. Another complained, “Me squinting trying to see this dark a** battle #gameofthrones.”
According to Insider, Robert McLachlan, a cinematographer who worked on eight “GOT” episodes, said the show is dark because they want to keep the show as “naturalistic” as possible. Latest Videos


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Some Good Samaritans made light of the situation and asked fellow viewers to adjust the brightness setting of the screens before they start watching the show. Advertising

The latest chapter was billed to have the most action and bloodshed after two consecutive slogging, build-up episodes, now that the White Walkers and wights were a stone’s throw away from the gates of the northern stronghold and it was every bit that. A user, however, pointed out that “GOT” was a “fantasy” show, which had dragons and zombies as part of its plot. “The entire episode was DARK ASF. Advertising

“#Winterfell is dark as f**k! I CAN’T SEE SH*T. “#BattleOfWinterfell #GameOfThrones is the most frustrating episode so far. But thank God, Melisandre ‘increased the brightness’ up for us. That’s cause the episode was dark af #GameOfThrones,” another wrote on the microblogging site. #GameOfThrones #BattleForWinterfell,” wrote another. It is dark as f**k during this battle. #GameofThrones,” one tweeted. So, imagine the plight of fans unable to figure out ‘who died how?’ and ‘who killed whom?’ as the ‘Great War’ was being fought in abysmally dim lighting. #GameofThrones,” a user wrote on Twitter.