Guillermo del Toro: It’s director’s duty to always exceed the budget

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The Oscar-winning director, whose diverse budget filmography ranges from 2 million dollar Cronos to 200 million dollar Pacific Rim, believes a filmmaker must always struggle to finish the project under allotted resources. The day I go out and say, ‘I have an extra day,’ something’s wrong. He is also producing Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The director’s next project is stop-motion version of Pinocchio with Mark Gustafson for Netflix. And I said, ‘OK, I’ll add an action scene’… and we still ended up under budget,” del Toro told Baldwin. Because it’s not boundaries, it’s structure,” del Toro said. I think that real art and real freedom exists under the boundaries. If you have enough time and enough money, you’re f***ing up. You have to not have enough. “I remember on the first Hellboy, they came in… and they said, ‘You have to cut seven million’. “To direct is a hostage negotiation with reality. Advertising

According to IndieWire, he was in conversation with actor Alec Baldwin as part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s Director Series. “As a director, it is your duty to always responsibly exceed the scope and exceed the budget. The filmmaker shared an anecdote to demonstrate his point.