Jesse Eisenberg was initially unsure about starring in The Art of Self-Defense

“But I thought the script was so funny that I just kept reading out of curiosity, and thank God I did, because the movie so brilliantly subverts that trope. 0
Comment(s) Directed by Riley Stearns, who also wrote the script, the film also features Alessandro Nivola and Imogen Poots. It becomes this very unusual, surreal, but wry commentary on the absurdities of masculinity,” Eisenberg added. “It seems like it’s going to be a typical story of an average man finding his inner strength. Advertising

The black comedy features the 35-year-old actor as Casey Davies, a young man who after a rough encounter on the street decides to take up martial arts, falling more and more into his paranoia in the process. And I didn’t want to do that kind of movie because I felt that I had done similar kinds of movies,” he told EW.