Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ten-year journey is like a dream: Kevin Feige

Comment(s) She just had to get that strength to push aside the world that was stopping her from becoming the hero that she always was. But soon, we will find out! More Explained

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It has exceeded my expectations. (Photo: Marvel Studios/Twitter)
We always say that we are not looking for people who have made these kind of giant movies before. Now, after 22 films, how do you look back at it? That this 10-year journey, which is a big part of our and moviegoers lives, would deliver in a satisfying and surprising way. I am not that delusional, to have envisioned it being this big. It is the first film we have made that no matter when we were screening it, someone in the room gets emotional. Like we saw how from a self-centred man, Iron Man became a mentor to Spider-Man. Advertising

I am so excited. And the ship stays afloat. Oh, boat metaphors are hard for me. So, we have a ship, the engineers and crew members are great. Advertising

During an exclusive media interaction recently, Kevin got chatty about his game plan, and why he liked being called MCU’s real-life Tony Stark. I can’t say that! Is there anything that you would want to go back and change about MCU? But those of us who have lived with it for every day for 10 years, it is extremely emotional. It still seems like a dream. Or have they exceeded your expectations? But we want to head into new waters. You have a very interesting fleet of directors in the MCU with strong, individualistic voice in terms of filmmaking. What will you miss about the MCU? But, if you have to see the character graph of all the superheroes, who do you think had the most striking one? Carol Danvers was always a hero. And my answer was because you are going to care about this man named Steve Rogers. It has not been proven as to whether we have achieved it because the movie is not out. It really is remarkable from Iron Man, an independently financed film, a character that nobody knew around the world, even Marvel fans hardly knew who he was, to being on the verge of releasing our biggest movie yet and the entire world anticipating it. Advertising

Q. Thor, you look at what Chris Hemsworth has done from the first Thor film, all the way to Ragnarok. His role in Infinity War, and what you are all about to see in Endgame is really amazing. First of all, it is a great question! We are looking for people who we believe can make them and can take them to unique places. I hope the world feels the same way. You started the journey a decade ago. Also read: Avengers Endgame directors Russo Brothers: Endings can be scary, but can also be best part of the story
Q. We have to pinch ourselves. But Iron Man is amazing. (Photo: Marvel Studios/Twitter)
Q. You mentioned during Avengers: Infinity War that the biggest challenge was getting everybody’s schedules to work. And it was in Winter Soldier and then the first year we spent developing Civil War that convinced us to offer them these two Avengers movies. I am so appreciative. Anything you would like to tell fans before they watch Avengers: Endgame? Q. Trinh, I, Joe, Anthony and our team have watched Avengers: Endgame so many times. (Chris) Evans, taking on Captain America when most of the world thought, why would I care about Captain America? But really, it was designing a movie that would satisfy millions of fans, dozens of cast members and hundreds of crew members. Latest Videos


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Kevin Feige with actors Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo at the Avengers: Endgame world premiere. So that has been the challenge. It is impossible to pick a single one because we love them all. That’ll be a spoiler too. So it’s quite overwhelming. Well, it was the same challenge because we shot the films together. I don’t think I would do anything again. Because you know, we pretty much have an amazing team. What Scarlett (Johansson) has done across the films with Black Widow has been amazing. Here are excerpts from the conversation:
Q. And even if he or she has never captained a ship, that is okay because we haven’t crashed yet. We are in the Endgame now, but the team that put it together, first collaborated on Captain America: Winter Soldier. Now when you look back, do you think you were lucky to get all these people? You are like the real-life Tony Stark of MCU! We just want a Captain to guide us to a new port. (laughs)
Q. And that is what Chris Evans was able to do. And even some of our newer cast members like Brie (Larson) and Chadwick (Boseman). The strength to make a lot of movies for us. Yes, I do, but part of what was really exciting about Joe and Anthony Russo was I really believed they had the potential to make great movies. I have never heard it asked like that. I never go sailing! Popular Photos

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I think the graph of Carol Danvers might be the best because I read something very interesting, which said Tony Stark had to overcome a character flaw within himself to find redemption and see the world. So is there a clash? How was it in Avengers: Endgame which is an even bigger movie? So we offered them Avengers Infinity War and Endgame before they started filming Civil War. Kevin Feige has collaborated with Anthony and Joe Russo for four Marvel films, including Avengers: Endgame. I was looking for filmmakers who have the talent and stamina. And by the way, all of this talk of our dreams coming true or our expectations being exceeded is only because of those fans. Q.