Mr Robot season 4 will be one long Christmas special

The technology will always look dated, but we specifically said, this is about 2015, so it’s almost like a period piece for current day,” Esmail said. Latest Videos


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“Part of the reason people connected to the show is we wanted to talk about now. “Typically how (British shows) wrap up series, like the British ‘Office’, you tend to do a Christmas special. The show is still set in 2015 for this reason. Advertising

According to IndieWire, Esmail was speaking at Tribeca Film Festival Sunday. (When we first started), hacking felt relevant, and the day after (USA Network) picked up the series, the Sony hack happened,” he added. “The tagline for the first season was, ‘Our democracy has been hacked’. A year later it happens. The writer also explained the reasons of the popularity of the show, which stars Oscar winner Rami Malek. In the writer’s room, we’re continuing to let current events inspire us, and that’s what feels relevant. Advertising

The writer said like other British shows wrap with a holiday special, the last season of the series will go on about week over Christmas set in 2015. Mr Robot premiere date is yet to be announced by the studio, USA Network. 0
Comment(s) So the final season of ‘Mr Robot is one very long Christmas special that will last about a week over Christmas of 2015,” Esmail said.