Oru Yamandan Prema Katha movie review: Dulquer Salmaan cannot charm his way out of this mess

If it were an anti-tobacco showreel, the script would read something like this: “What happened to this city? Paappi’s realization of the ills of running behind money plays out in a scene, which feels like a statutory warning. The star trades fancy modern clothes for colourful lungis and shirts in the film, representing his character’s inner joy and vitality. So always keep a whistle handy for you never know when you will suffer a heart attack. His good looks and boyish charm makes him a perfect candidate to pull off NRI/rich kid roles. That boy soon becomes the heartthrob of everyone in the town. But, the filmmakers were unable to imagine a strong enough story to sustain the idea through the film’s more than 150-minute run time. Every girl wants to marry him and more so when that boy grows up to be Dulquer Salmaan. 0
Comment(s) The writers’ efforts to give easy solutions for complicated problems takes the fizz out of what otherwise could have been a decent film. For example, the way writer Vishnu Unnikrishnan underlines how society is oblivious to reason and reality owing to one’s obsession with modern gadgets and social media. The suspense is overstretched for a little payoff. Screenwriter Vishnu Unnikrishnan’s (he has also played a key role in the film) script is so flimsy that debutant director BC Noufal and Dulquer’s charms can only do so much to lift the dull scenes. However, he still gets to be the beloved kid from a well off family. You will have to pay a heavy price for taking the stress.” Suddenly, Lallu’s daily wage job looks more desirable. A demanding boss here, a nagging girlfriend there. Oru Yamandan Prema Katha exists in the realm of cosmic connections and it is established in a weak opening sequence that feels forcefully injected into the film to justify the film’s rather blunt title. Lallu’s brother Paappi (played by Arun Kurian) has no deeper purpose to serve in the screenplay. Vishnu’s Denny Sebastian sneaking into girls hostel through the main entrance without anyone noticing brings out this point very well. That’s non-negotiable. The director and writer withhold the real name of his character from the beginning until the end. He is detached from the materialistic lifestyle and makes a living by painting walls. A baby is declared stillborn and by some miracle, it comes back to life. Lallu is an old soul in a young body. Latest Videos


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There are also a couple of good things in the film that deserves due credit. Advertising

Dulquer Salmaan is the go-to actor for coming-of-age characters in the Malayalam film industry. The actor ticks off playing a mass hero from his to-do characters list. He is just there to show how Lallu’s unambitious, living in the moment lifestyle is so far better than a job that pays a fortune. Advertising

Dulquer’s character is lovingly called Lallu. He has a younger brother, who is the exact opposite of his personality. Oru Yamandan Prema Katha has a good central theme. In his new film Oru Yamandan Prema Katha, Dulquer steps out of his comfort zone.