Studio for me is a temple: Shreya Ghoshal

You have seen so many changes yourself. Advertising

In this interview with, the singer talks about the freedom that she enjoys with a platform like MixTape by Amazon Music and the trend of recreations in Bollywood. It can be a story or the montage song which can be about the journey of that character and which can be in a female voice. So, I will respect that absolutely. Yes, people’s presence and the love they shower on us gives me goosebumps every time. She is probably a part of the supporting cast. She also shares it is high time films had more women-driven narratives for female voices to earn more prominence in the industry. I never speak about it until he gives me the permission. We have heard so many female singers speak about the lack of female voices in Bollywood films. How liberating is a platform like MixTape for a singer? Of course, singing in front of a live audience is a completely different experience. There is freedom to express your take on a song. Maybe the times will change but we definitely need female-driven narratives so that there is a female voice also. From scratch, a new song is born. Breaking barriers is what music is all about. Rap is happening. Popular Photos

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Have you seen these photos of Taimur Ali Khan, Kajol and Kareena Kapoor? However, some of them are just about re-doing a popular song. Today so many different kinds of voices are singing. How do you look at the current trend, where original compositions often clash with recreations? It’s all about the directors and how they perceive. Does it still give you goosebumps? Advertising

That’s one thing the whole media knows that how secretive he is about anything that he does. Different styles of composers have come in. It was restricting people from exploring the kind of things that they were capable of doing. So, I respect that. The idea of monopoly was restrictive and there was not much space for creativity. Advertising

Singing in front of a live/studio audience could be exhilarating. Different genres are there. When I enter the studio, I forget everything. Because the narrative is majorly male driven, the opportunities are given to male singers. How do you look at it? Where the story is about her? How does that feel like? The music trend changes periodically. I think studio for me is a temple. It happens naturally because that place has energy. They want to listen to new songs and they are feeling, ‘Okay, this song we have already heard and now there is a new beat on it.’ Some of the recreations are done smartly where there is a new colour to it and there is a completely new take to it. In the past also, every time I have worked in a film, whether I have worked for two or three years, people have a lot of curiosity. More Explained

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Recreations are okay if you do couple of them but now if every other song is a recreation, it is pretty sad. Every time there has to be something new and exciting. Latest Videos


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Is the process of singing in a studio, with just the microphone inside a tiny room spiritual? So, yes, it is a beautiful experience every time. Romantic songs are there and classical music is also getting in. Dance tracks are coming in. I know it’s too early but recently Sanjay Leela Bhansali announced his next directorial. We are creating out of nowhere. Are there any dos and don’ts? Everything is happening. There is a lot of freedom and that is what we celebrate on this platform. Finding one’s inner voice is what music is all about. Folk is finding its space. Has there been a discussion with him regarding a possible song in the film? 0
Comment(s) I feel even the audiences feel it. The last few years have seen rise of many singers. MixTape is a fun platform where there is a lot of happiness. That’s what Bollywood is and that’s why we are so different and celebrated around the world. We all know that a Bhansali cast might undergo change, but you are always a constant. So, this is the time that the opportunity has come finally. The monopoly seems to have been broken. But I feel sometimes it doesn’t really need a script, which is female-driven. I was mentioning it to someone right now that when I sing my own songs on a stage, the energy of the audience dictates how I am going to be rendering that song that day. Tell me how many films are happening where the lead is female.