The Kapil Sharma Show: A musical evening with Kishore Kumar’s family

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Talking about the challenges in the industry, Amit Kumar will share how he was not paid for his songs in the movie Teri Kasam. How Amit Kumar got a break
Kapil Sharma will be astonished to hear that Amit Sharma has crooned the popular song “Bade Acche Lagte Hai”. He wasn’t even a well-establish singer then. Advertising

Apart from sharing anecdotes from Kishore Kumar’s life, the night will turn magical as Amit Kumar will sing some of his father’s popular songs. He will also state that RD Burman was the music director, who stood by him and asked him to always be himself. The music maestro was the one to give him the song “Bade Acche Lagte Hain”. He also wanted to get married in a church in complete filmy style. He will state that all this while he thought it was Kishore Kumar’s vocals. His wife Leena will share how Kishore had randomly proposed to her saying “mujse shadi karogi”. And the cheque that was given to him had bounced at the bank. But impressed by his talent, the music director offered him the song. Amit Kumar’s comparison with Kishore Kumar
Amit Kumar will share that he is always compared to Kishore Kumar. Amit will then reveal the secret of how he got the song. But Amit never feels bad about it as he knows he can never match up to him. Amit will even add that it was his wish to work with SD Burman that unfortunately never got fulfilled. Kapil Sharma, who himself is a singer, will also show off his singing skills. He will share that RD Burman and Shakti Kapoor heard him singing at a random event. The Kapil Sharma Show episode with Kishore Kumar’s family will air tonight on Sony TV. Kishore Kumar, a romantic at heart


Going down memory lane, the family will reveal how just like his onscreen characters, Kishore Kumar was also a romantic in real life. Amit will share that he had sung all the songs in the film but wasn’t even paid for one.