Tripling 2 writer Akarsh Khurana: Will be happy to write a new season

He just reacts to everything around him in a very different way. Although I am very different from the character onscreen, I am just overwhelmed by the love I received. Because we had already worked together, this season we had a lot more trust between us. So we decided to go for a fun story instead. Advertising

You mentioned that you knew Chitvan had become a popular character. Also, road trips are really a good getaway and give an environment for things to happen. Personally, yes, I like travelling but I hate driving. Excerpts from the conversation:
What were the emotions while writing Tripling 2? Chitvan is easier to write since he is totally crazy. No, I am not a very happy actor. Honestly, he is just strange but becomes funny because of the way the other two react to him. It was amazing to see Chitvan becoming so popular. Does your relationship with Sumeet help? We would meet, chat a bit, and since we are friends, it would be all over the place. And this is why we took so long to do this. I am glad I did Yeh Meri Family Hai. Who is your favourite to write for? I have known Sumeet for 12 years and he is a master of poker-faced comedy. Latest Videos


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Recently when we spoke to Sumeet, he shared that he loves writing scenes for Pranav (Kunal Kapoor) most. We now understand each other’s space so we would just jam together a bit and then work on our content. But all credit goes to Sameer (Saxena) for this. Advertising

Akarsh had also written the first season with Sumeet. 0
Comment(s) It was certainly challenging. Since it was the same people writing him again, it was merely the same character. And then we would work on each other’s drafts. So yes, I love writing for Sumeet as I know what he is capable of. Honestly, none of us had thought that the series would be loved so much. So did that affect the way you wrote season 2, especially his character? We knew the chemistry between the trio was working but we didn’t want them to go on a road trip again, just for the sake of it. While you have a cameo in Tripling 2, you did a full-fledged role in Yeh Meri Family Hai. Co-writing can turn out to be quite tricky. It was a learning experience and it also turned out to be so beautiful. Popular Photos

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Have you seen these photos of Ranveer Singh, Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor? Is acting becoming an alternate career for you? And it’s really difficult to write for Chanchal. There was never any extra effort put to make Chitvan funny. After knowing each other for a long time, we now understand each other’s process a lot better. Honestly, we are just hoping that people love Tripling 2. We did not spend a lot of physical time together while writing. I am now a jagat papa (laughs). If that happens, we will be happy to write a new season. Akarsh recently sat down for an exclusive conversation with about writing Tripling 2, his penchant for road trips and various acting stints. So can we expect a season 3 of Tripling now? Sameer had Mona Singh and he could cast anyone. Was it challenging or easier compared to the first time? As a man, we had to be honest to her and write it from a woman’s perspective. Very interestingly, I like writing for Chandan, Sumeet’s character. The thing that really helped us was that we knew who these three people were. I act only when friends ask me to. Even when he mouths serious lines, it can sound funny, yet have its own gravity. Your film Karwaan was also about a road trip. And we tried to be true to that. More Explained

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As for Karwaan, that’s a route I have travelled a lot. It was a really brave casting. As for Chandan, he could easily become very boring but he isn’t. I would rather take a flight. Recently, he also directed films like High Jack and Karwaan and played the lead role in the show Yeh Meri Family. We knew we wanted to do a season two but did not want to pressurise ourselves.