A democracy gives you the right to ask a question: Anurag Kashyap

“I don’t mind that the Prime Minister I didn’t support won. We won’t have to do anything about it.”
“His (the PM’s) silence at such times encourage such people (trolls). “I don’t fight the party. Why should anyone be scared of anything? Advertising

Kashyap, who was also trolled for tagging PM Modi in a post about the rape threat, said, “I get trolled a lot but I ignore. This is a public mandate and I accept it. But I know if a man says this strongly and strictly that such things shouldn’t happen and this will be punishable, these things will automatically stop. 0
Comment(s) I tell her to ignore such things, but this time she could not.”
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The Sacred Games director, who has often been at loggerheads with different central governments over his films, said he has fought with the Congress government in the past and will continue to fight against any government for what he believes is right. A democracy gives you the right to ask a question. At an individual level, I am not scared but when your daughter receives something like this and she gets scared, then you have to stand with her to give her assurance. I fight the government because you live in a country, you vote and you can have a contrary opinion. These people have no direct connection with him. People in small towns and cities think that when they say such things on behalf of their PM or a star, they think, ‘May be indirectly these people will get to know I did this for them.’ They feel a connection with their favourites. It depends on how someone reacts to it. If he comes somewhere, I will stand in respect the way others would. To put an end to this, strong words are needed,” the Manmarziyaan director added. Anurag Kashyap also remarked that he is against the atmosphere of fear, which should have no place in a democracy. My reaction and that tag was for a simple reason. I shouldn’t be scared to ask a question. If I want to say something about someone, I shouldn’t be scared to do so. As a citizen, it is my right to fight with the government for what I believe in. I have always fought with governments. These can co-exist. But that doesn’t mean I agree with everything and become silent,” Anurag Kashyap concluded. I belong to a family which has been voting for BJP since the time of Lohia ji (Ram Manohar Lohia). Advertising

He said, “I am asked such a question, ‘Don’t you get scared while speaking against the government?’ It should not be asked. Our prime ministers have said a lot of times that such things should not happen. If I am intimidated for asking a question and later subjected to multiple attacks, I don’t find such an atmosphere right. There was no social media then. He has been elected and he is our PM. I fought with Congress government too when my films were banned.