A Twitter user questions Arjun Kapoor’s ‘double standards’, India’s Most Wanted actor replies like a pro

“I apologise if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments. The user wrote, “You hate ur father’s second wife bcoz your father left your mother, and now u r dating a woman who is 11 years elder to you and has a teenage son. Please Forgive me👃👃. “Im glad u apologised kusum its okay arjun is not upset lets just all live our own lives ak has a big heart like I always say I don’t want any of my fans to talk bad about any actors #keepiteasy,” he wrote. Later in the day, Varun Dhawan took to Twitter and appreciated the Twitter user for apologising. We kept a dignified distance, If I did I wouldn’t have been there for my dad Janhvi & Khushi at a sensitive time… it’s easy to type & judge, think a little.”
He further added that the Twitter user should not be spreading such negativity with a celebrity’s face as her profile picture. Extremely sorry to all @arjunk26 Fans…. It was just my opinion. I meant to do no harm. “Your @Varun_dvn s fan so I feel I should tell u don’t spread negativity with his face on ur DP,” the tweet read. 0
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A Twitter user on Monday accused Arjun of ‘double standards’ when it comes to relationships. Have nothing against @arjunk26 Sir or #MalaikaArora Ma’am.. Why double standards @arjunk26??”
But Arjun Kapoor handled the mean tweet in very dignified manner. SORRY SIR @arjunk26,” the user tweeted. Advertising

Soon, the Twitter user apologised and mentioned that the intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiment. He replied, “I don’t hate anyone Kusum.