Actor Siddique accused of sexual misconduct

(sic),” read Revathy’s Facebook post. Dileep’s membership was revoked after he was arrested by Kerala police in 2017 for allegedly masterminding an attack on a female actor. What will you do if the same thing happens with your daughter,Mr.Siddique? She also shared a video of Siddique’s press meet, which he held in 2018 to slam Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). Advertising

Sampath on Monday wrote a Facebook post levelling allegations against the senior Malayalam actor. Upset by AMMA’s alleged indifference to women’s issues, the WCC held a press meet to express its lack of faith in the decade-old film body. The Indian Express reached out to Siddique, but the actor remained unavailable for comment. In the first general body meeting last year, after Mohanlal took over as the new president of AMMA, Dileep’s membership was reinstated triggering a major controversy. Advertising

The WCC had announced an open war last year against Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) after looking at the way the latter dealt with a controversy surrounding actor Dileep. 0
Comment(s) Is she safe in his hands,i wonder?? “After watching this video again &again,i couldn’t even able to resist myself anymore!!! Shame on these masks layered ,self called gentlemen out there in the film industry..!!(sic),” she further added. How can a man like him can point fingers against a prestigious &privileged collective WCC are you deserved yourself Mr.Siddhique??,think yourself!! “He is having a daughter i guess..!! This Actor Siddique tried to sexually misbehave with me on 2016 in a preview of “Sukhamayirikate” movie at Nila theatre ,Trivandrum..!!His verbal sexual offerings made me morally down at the age of 21…i still remember the trauma he made to me!!! Ulupp undo?? That video seemed to have been the trigger that promoted the actor to publicly accuse him. In response, Siddique, who has been an adherent critic of the WCC, held a press meet alleging that the WCC was conspiring to defame superstar Mohanlal.