After Pack Up: Facetime with husband Nitesh Tiwari, kids a day-end ritual for Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

That’s the beauty and surrealness of how everyday a crew of 100 odd people function with so much accuracy. Even if one thing shifts, the other collapses. Everybody is human and needs a home away from home. Advertising

“The first thing I do is hug my actor and then say a thank you to my first AD, DOP, art head and EP. Also, I go through the day’s scenes in my head and if I want to change anything in the shot breakdown. Advertising

“When you start a film, it’s almost like a synchronised musical symphony, where every note has to be aligned on time. Similarly, it’s for Jassie (Gill). That’s the only time to convey to my team. During a schedule, she prefers having dinner with her team, but does not miss catching up with her family. I visit them. Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari said, “I facetime my kids and Nitesh (Tiwari, director) and then have an early dinner with my team, and crash on to bed thinking through the happenings of the day which leads to an ultimate blank state of mind to sleep.”
What also relaxes Ashwiny during hectic schedules is listening to Vedic chants early in the morning before starting the shoot as it prepares her mentally to get “100 odd people” to work along with her to fulfill her vision. In Panga, there is not a single day where I have not greeted and hugged Kangana (Ranaut) and vice versa. When my actors arrive. 0
Comment(s) “It sets my day. After this, I discuss the next day’s schedule and then we leave,” Ashwiny shared. I meditate and listen to Vedic chants between 4:30 and 5:30 am if we have a 6 am shift. Richa (Chadha) and Neena (Gupta) ma’am,” Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari said.