After Pack Up: Movies, books and Richa Chadha help Ali Fazal unwind

“It’s like seasons in my life owing to the kind of movie I am embarking on. I sometimes hound Richa to treat me to a good dinner and listen to me crib.”
Ali Fazal reveals he also has a special playlist depending on the movie he is working on at the time. It might sound childish but I read scripts with that background score. But I can’t disconnect really. It’s relaxing.” As for his comfort movies, Fazal swears by Notting Hill, Love Actually, Gone in 60 seconds, Face Off, Goodfellas and Funny Girl. Advertising

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On being asked the importance of detaching oneself from the vibe on a film set, Fazal says it is impossible for him to completely leave the world of his character even if he calls it a day. He says, “I guess it is important to not find a mirror for some time and people talking about movies. That’s when friends come in I suppose. Advertising

“The physical fatigue after action scenes is something only a good massage can help get rid off,” Ali says, adding that something else that works like magic for him after a challenging day is a movie hall. Once you begin filming a story, it stays with you.”

Comment(s) “Put me in a movie hall all alone and I am in a meditative state.”
The Mirzapur star fondly mentions that ranting about his day to actor and girlfriend Richa Chadha is also something that relaxes him immensely. “Oh oh!