Allu Sirish on ABCD: We have only taken the soul of the Malayalam version

It is the treatment of the film. A lot of effort went into re-writing the script and you will know it once the film is released. I grew up watching a lot of Tamil movies and I know how to write and speak Tamil. Q. 0
Comment(s) As an actor, how will you describe your journey so far? We have to go hunting for outdoor locations, schedule shootings, built huge sets for songs. Q. But, we felt it would be so boring for the audience. As I grew up in Chennai, I want to entertain the audience there with my films. Actually, when he came to me with this his own project, I told him that it has a good story but not suitable for me. I am quite confident that the screenplay of our film will set us apart from other films. I have done all my previous films by just hearing the narration not more than 45 minutes. Q. The film-making process has become more complicated. Q. So, I am quite excited about exploring acting opportunities in Kollywood. More Explained

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He (Sanjeev Reddy) was quite confident and he handled the whole project quite well. I like fun films and I am a lucky person to have done them. There have already been many Telugu films with a similar theme. On paper, it might sound like he went for a safer option. He re-worked the script with great detailing. Advertising

Filmmaker Sanjeev Reddy of Login fame is making his debut in Tollywood with ABCD. How was it working with Sanjeev? Advertising

I feel lucky to have got the opportunity to work with Mohanlal sir in 1971: Beyond Borders. Now, I have become choosy when it comes to scripts. Q. And then I suggested him ABCD. Generally, there is a complaint that big actors are not doing more than one film a year. So, we integrated the romantic track in the Telugu ABCD. Making a movie is a complex affair today. If I liked the story, I jumped on it. That’s why we are not able to do more films. Unlike in the past, today we are not just making studio-based films. We have added more drama and increased the dosage of fun. What are the lessons you have learned so far in your career? Advertising

As an actor, it has been quite nice but mixed also. I had made some mistakes and I have learned (lessons) from them. I also want to do a film with director VI Anand. Do you have plans to expand your career across down south? And, it is a lifetime process. I have seen films with similar themes in the past. But, now I evaluate several aspects of the project. I am quite content with this particular thing. Having said that, there is also a side where we want to try something new. But, actually, it is not like that. Of course, with each film, we learn about the craft of acting. Whatever it takes, I will do a film with Suriya in the future and I am a great fan of him. Actually, there was no romance in the Malayalam version. What makes ABCD unique? Director Sanjeev Reddy is making his directorial debut in Telugu with a remake. It is very sad that I had to let go of Kaappaan due to some reasons. So, have you made changes in the Telugu version? It is not easy to choose a remake for your debut. You have been exploring different kinds of subjects. I am terribly slow at it and I am going to correct the process now and do more films. So, I wouldn’t knowingly repeat the same story. So, I wish my experiments work better. ABCD is the remake of the Malayalam hit of the same name. On the work front, I wish I were faster while doing films. The film also stars Rukshar Dhillo, Nagendra Babu, Master Bharath and Kota Srinivasa Rao among others. When I did simple dramas and entertaining movies like Srirastu Shubhamastu and Kotha Janta, they worked out. They were in different tangent and zone. Earlier, I never used to think particularly about the commercial elements of my projects. Popular Photos

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We have only taken the soul of the original version. Like I said earlier, although only 10 to 15 scenes have been taken from it for the Telugu version, we haven’t used them as they were. Q. Films such as Okka Kshanam and Gouravam that I experimented with didn’t work out. Below are excerpts from Allu Sirish’s conversation with