Are Prabal Gurung and Karan Johar dating? Here’s what the fashion designer has to say

It’s complex and nuanced.”
The international fashion designer ended his post by writing, “#LoveIsLove.”
See the note shared by Prabal Gurung:
(Photo: Prabal Rana Gurung/Instagram)
(Photo: Prabal Rana Gurung/Instagram)
(Photo: Prabal Rana Gurung/Instagram)
Filmmaker Karan Johar celebrated his 47th birthday on May 25. Love is multifaceted. 0
Comment(s) He went on to write, “Ladies and gentlemen, Can we have some humour and levity please. Finally, Prabal Gurung took to his Instagram account to address the rumours about him and Karan Johar. “So Here It Goes Addressing All The Rumours About @karanjohar And Me…..,” he began. one definition of love. There is not just one kind of love. I feel very saddened and disappointed to need to say this, but to officially set the record straight: I am not in a romantic relationship with Karan Johar.”


Prabal Gurung’s post further read, “To misconstrue my deep love for Karan as a romantic relationship is immature, unfounded and frankly, very damaging in the 21st Century – in this time of incredible divisiveness and othering that is happening all over the world.” He also wrote, “I have been in a happy romantic relationship for over 5 years – with someone else – not Karan. Advertising

The American-Nepalese fashion designer Prabal shared a photo of himself with Karan and wrote as the caption, “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. Happy birthday KJo.” On the post, Karan replied, “Control yourself bhaiya!”, setting tongues wagging.