Ayogya movie review: This loud remake is flawed, but the core works

Otherwise, it is an average crowd-pleaser. In the beginning, we are shown why he thinks money is everything. There is a loud Vishal, ‘the hero’, but the film doesn’t equally have a loud villain. Vishal gets a mass-y interval scene but that is the problem with these commercial potboilers. Simbu was the original choice for the lead role, it seems. Advertising

Vishal seems to be having the most fun playing such a character. Abdul Kader, a Sub-Inspector, doesn’t salute Karnan because he has greased his palms. I don’t know why Prakash Raj wasn’t roped in for Ayogya. As the audience, we know that-salute-will-come-someday. Okay, never mind. I don’t understand why ‘rapes’ become inevitable in these ‘mass’ films. As the title suggests, Karnan is a fraud. He should. In a lot of places, Vishal oversells his performance and tries to be someone that he is not. The premise isn’t bad at all. Maybe, he is fed up of getting stereotyped, but the actor-politician’s performance is quite hard to reprise. You know he will change. In the original, Prakash Raj was pitted against Junior NTR, and their portions were much effective. Advertising

Temper (2015) worked for the Telugu audience because the script was tailor-made for Junior NTR. He is temperamental and eccentric. Popular Photos

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Ayogya would have worked if the makers had put in more thought on why they were remaking the earlier film in the first place. Then, follows the logic, or whatever. I am not saying those are never-seen-before sorts, but Venkat Mohan has given them a different colour and flavour. The film, of course, has its moments. With Ayogya, Vishal takes a step further and unleashes his ‘mass’ avatar at the audience. Sigh. If you are someone who looks for ‘logic’ in commercial cinema, Ayogya may not work. Hey, you know what? And one of the characters casually says, “Ungalukku arasiyal-a vararthukku naraiya thagudhi iruku.”
Ayogya gives us a couple of engaging good lines when Parthiepan’s character meets Vishal’s, but a few good lines aren’t simply enough. In Tamil cinema, emotions and sentiments come first. So much time. I am sure the actor-choreographer wouldn’t have done anything particularly extra for the sake of cinema as his role was similar to his real-life persona. 0
Comment(s) If that had happened, the film wouldn’t have a needless item number and don’t ask me if item numbers are ever needful. But you keep thinking Ayogya would have been a better film if it had some other hero. But the transformation takes time. And the irony is, the makers have chosen Radha Ravi to play a judge, who has a say in the cruelty-against-women case. But in the Tamil remake, Vishal fails to ride on Junior NTR’s energetic performance. Also, he is a rogue cop who has zero morality. The story revolves around a bad cop, Karnan (Vishal) and how he turns good in the final moments. In Tamil cinema, ‘the hero’, that too a cop, can’t do ‘unacceptable’ things. You can hear the makers play a MGR song each time he is shown on the frame.