Boney Kapoor confirms Mr India reboot

We haven’t decided on a timeline yet, but intend to make it soon.”
On the completion of 32 years of Mr India, Anil Kapoor and Shekhar Kapur shared photos from the film on their social media handles and fans were hoping that the two will get back together to remake the classic. The film was written by the legendary writer duo Salim-Javed. 0
Comment(s) After Sri, I have even more reason to make the film now.”
The film’s iconic character Mogambo was played by Amrish Puri who passed away in 2005. Anil too became more legitimate a performer with the film. He said, “If Shekhar is free, he can direct it. The cast and crew made the film what it was, and if anyone from the original line-up wants to be part of it, they can join us again.”


Boney also added, “Amrish Puri as Mogambo was a masterstroke; he brought the character alive. Boney Kapoor said that he would like it if Shekhar Kapur is back on board for the reboot. We have a basic structure in mind. Advertising

Boney Kapoor told Mid-day, “The idea is to create a reboot first, and then, make a franchise of it. While Sri was considered a glamorous star earlier, the audience’s perception of her changed after Mr India — then on, she was seen as a powerful actress. It needs to be made more contemporary. Mr India released in 1987 and has been quite a favourite among children over the years.