Devi 2 trailer: Tamannaah Bhatia-Prabhudheva film looks like a crowd-pleaser

The filmmakers also spell out another plot point in the trailer hoping it will ramp up the audience’s curiosity. 0
Comment(s) Devi 2 is coming out on May 31. That could be the reason why random women on the street find Krishan so attractive. There is also a glimpse of the song “Ready, Ready”, where Tamannaah Bhatia tries to seduce her own husband. Overall, director Vijay seems to have whipped up a crowd-pleaser, betting that the audience will show the kindness to Devi 2 that they bestowed upon Devi two years ago. That is Krishan is possessed by more than one ghost, and apparently, he has signed a joint contract with both of them. Advertising

Two, the ghost Ruby, which had possessed Tamannaah’s Devi in the previous film, has now taken control of Krishna’s life. And we also have Kovai Sarala gabbing in fear of ghosts, an act she has repeated in Kanchana franchise.