Don’t believe in showmanship of a child: Neha Dhupia

“I was scared of the expectations of this beautiful little human who would come to this world, whose entire life, learning, nourishment depends on me. Advertising

“Before she was born, I was very fearless. I want my daughter to be extremely fearless.”
Neha was recently part of an interactive session with mothers as part of Bio Oil’s campaign ‘Unstretched journey’. She said she would want to raise her daughter exactly the way she was brought up: fearless, humble and respectful. I have become a lot more fearful but I don’t let it trickle down to her. Advertising

Neha and her husband, actor Angad Bedi, welcomed their daughter last year in November. Neha said motherhood can be overwhelming and initially she was scared. Now I’m careful about myself, that I shouldn’t fall ill. “I’m not the type of mother who believes in ‘oh today my child learned this so watch it on a video.’ I don’t believe in the showmanship of a child at all. Will I be good enough? The 38-year-old actor said they had a discussion on the beats of motherhood and had a “no pretence, heart to heart” conversation with each other about the emotional and physical changes one goes through. Apart from that nothing else worried me.”

Comment(s) I don’t force my daughter’s videos on anyone,” the actor told PTI.