Don’t have interest in giving answers: Ranbir on Kangana’s apolitical comment

Taneja passed away on Friday night after prolonged illness. People can say whatever they want. 0
Comment(s) I don’t have any interest in giving answers to these questions. He was a boon for our film industry. He was a great talent. May his soul rest in peace,” Ranbir said. He was 87. “He is such a great legend of our industry. “Whatever anyone’s asks me I do answer it. He had taught acting to my father. Before I had started working on ‘Sawaariya’ I had done some classes with him. I know who I am and what I say,” Ranbir told reporters at an event. Advertising

Meanwhile, reacting on the demise of veteran acting coach Roshan Taneja, Ranbir said he was deeply saddened. Advertising

Kangana had called out Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor for maintaining silence on social and political issues. Kangana had also said that both Ranbir and Alia are too old to be called young actors.