Ekta Kapoor: Getting a new cast for Naagin 3 was a huge risk


After introducing her cast to the media, the producer sat down with a group of journalists for a candid conversation. And it’s happening worldwide. Towards the end of the chat, Ekta also hinted that a new season of Naagin might be in the offering as she said, “It’s just the end of the season, not the series.”

Comment(s) One can’t be attached to a brand. I think I usually mess up in the second season. Pearl V Puri, who stars in Naagin 3, will also play the lead in Bepanah Pyaarr. When I did Naagin 3, I let go of my biggest star, actually the whole cast. Also, Mouni wanted to move out, so it worked mutually. I think Naagin 1 was great, Naagin 2 was a bit of a mess up and Naagin 3 picked up again.”


When we asked her if making new seasons of successful shows is her way of playing safe, she said, “There’s nothing like playing safe in the industry. How does that make it regressive?”

The producer also shared that till the time the audience watches these shows, she will continue making them. But it was important as it was getting repetitive. Anything you do, it will always be open to criticism. “The day they stop watching, no one will make these kinds of shows. Yes, we do not have the budget for that kind of VFX but we work with a lot of challenges. Ekta Kapoor has always been known to repeat her actors. We can happily watch a woman give birth to dragons in an international show but watching a snake becomes regressive? I don’t act as an agent and get money. They are not searching for any reality. Giving an example, in Naagin 3, my hero always lands up in trouble, and the girl goes on to bash up villains and save him. When indianexpress.com asked Ekta if she is trying to build a camp in the TV industry, she smiled and said, “Of course, I am building a camp. It was a huge risk. I am actually building a fortress. Why not?”

The producer, while speaking about launching a new season of Kawach, shared, “Kawach is the second season of a show with a very popular first season. But honestly, I don’t have any long term contracts with my actors. There’s nothing like previous success in the business.”
Ekta Kapoor’s shows are usually criticised for being regressive and when asked about the same, she said, “Yes, 100 percent. This is probably the most exciting season of any of the shows that I have done. But till that time, as a production house, we will continue delivering to their needs,” she said. But if we have enjoyed working together and want to work again. A lot of Indians watch television for escapism.