Ekta Kapoor on regulation of digital content: Prohibition will only create a bigger want

And I don’t mean only bold content but you can talk many languages. When anything is a one-way street, even in a marriage, it is a crime. In a group interaction, when indianexpress.com asked her which medium she prefers currently, she said, “Digital is my medium. Advertising

On Wednesday, Ekta launched two new television shows – Kawach Mahashivratri and Bepanah Pyaarr. But there’s no competition. Sex is not an issue, forcing yourself is a crime, but we don’t get that.”
The producer was further asked if the court indeed passes an order on web censorship, will she take a stand. They will take a stand and we will follow. So there’s a lot that you can do.”

#behpanahpyaar n #kawach press conference both coming soon on @ColorsTV pic.twitter.com/aog6nn1s45
— Ekta Kapoor (@ektaravikapoor) May 16, 2019
When asked about competition from international brands like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, the filmmaker said, “I am being badgered by them (laughs). But I have always said I have no problem with sex.”
A scribe mentioned how recently there has been a demand to regulate digital content. The person who is acting has consensually agreed to have people watch them. On the web, people come to you. These platforms cater to an urban niche audience. To this, Ekta said, “I think prohibition will only create a bigger want. I feel any prohibition in society will only create a bigger need for it. It is human psychology.”

Comment(s) We deal with the masses. But my beliefs are clear. Or an entire family sitting and watching it together. She said, “Who are we to take a stand? I know people keep telling me it’s regressive or how can you be so bold. They keep on building a library and I am trying to do more and better shows. You can do anything on it. That is a two-way street. Also, the one watching has logged in because he wants to watch it. You don’t need to worry about 50 people coming together, paying to watch you.