Gael Garcia Bernal finds Cannes more relaxing as a director

“We had to find him, or rather he had to find us — rather he had to discover us because that’s more or less what ended up happening,” he said. “I grew up in a very loving family and these kids (have) not. The film stars Daniel Giménez Cacho and Dolores Heredia, along with Benny Emmanuel, Gabriel Carbajal and Leidi Gutiérrez. So, I’ve been revisiting it constantly and now I’ve ended up making it,” he says. “There’s nothing else to do. I like what we all did, all the collaborators did a wonderful job. Popular Photos

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“I had to get out from it a little bit. And I love the movie, I like it a lot. Advertising

“What’s so striking about the world they live in is they grew up in something that I am so far away from,” he told The Associated Press in an interview this week. And I’m proud of them and I’m happy,” he said. It was wonderful.”

Comment(s) “It’s like ‘how do you do it?’ I don’t know there’s something about wanting to know a person … (and) the consequences of this cycle of violence that they go through.”
This is not the directorial debut for Garcia Bernal, but he is better known for his acting projects, including “The Motorcycle Diaries,” “Bad Education” and “Mozart in the Jungle.”
Garcia Bernal first considered making the film a decade ago but decided to put things on hold following the birth of his son. And I just can’t understand how anyone grows up like that. So, I just, I don’t know, let myself go. They don’t have it. Advertising

“As a director everything is done,” says Garcia Bernal, whose film Chicuarotes is playing as an official selection but out of competition at Cannes. He added: “We did workshops for two years with actors and yes, it was really nice. Gael Garcia said the casting was among the more complicated aspects of getting the movie done, particularly casting Emmanuel as the main character Cagalera. Chicuarotes follows two teenage friends in a town within Mexico City who turn to crime in an attempt to change their lives. The Mexican star says the lives of the characters are completely foreign to what he experienced growing up.