Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wants Arya Stark spin-off show

The 48-year-old actor also gave a nod to the in-the-works prequel, tentatively titled The Long Night, and the viral online petition to HBO to redo the series with “competent writers”. “What a great 10 years. How about – I’m just throwing something out here – how about a petition? With Arya? It was curtains down for Coster-Waldau in the penultimate episode, when Jaime and his twin sister/lover Cersei (played by Lena Headey) died in each other’s arms under the weight of the Red Keep as Daenerys Targaryen razed almost all of King’s Landing to the ground. Advertising

The actor, who played Jaime Lannister in the epic fantasy drama, said he is rooting for the faceless warrior as she embarks on her journey to the west of Westeros in the season finale. And Arya!” Coster-Waldau said in an Instagram video. I’m just grateful,” he said. “That episode, it was amazing! 0
Comment(s) Thank you so much for watching. An online petition to HBO that they do a sequel with Arya Stark,” he added. Advertising

“I know they’re doing all these prequels, but what about the sequel? The Danish actor admitted he was “sad” to bid adieu to the long-running series, that premiered in 2011. I really thought it was a great ending.