Game of Thrones The Last Watch review: This documentary will pull at your heartstrings

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch is not entirely feel-good. This is another good thing about this documentary. It is full of spoilers and explains in detail how some of the most important scenes, battles and other set pieces were shot and constructed. Kit Harington, Sophie Turner and Rory McCann at the table read of final season. Advertising

A word of caution here: There is a reason Game of Thrones: The Last Watch was released after the show. Making a production like Game of Thrones season 8 is like building anything big. For instance, the Battle of Winterfell episode took 11 weeks of shooting in the night at the primary Belfast set of the show. There is always going to be tireless hard work and people complaining about their work. The best thing about Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, filmed brilliantly by Jeanie Finlay, is although prominent cast members like Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington and others appear (there is a scene showing the cast reacting to the show’s wrap up that is bound to make you sentimental), it is mostly told through the perspective of the nameless people who worked tirelessly off-screen to deliver some great, believable visual imagery and scenes that are sure to become iconic in future. This includes production designers, makeup artists, extras, stuntmen and women, and so on. Of course, one does not necessarily need a documentary to do that, but such a meticulous portrayal might force you to think beyond what is apparent on the screen. Whatever your opinion about the writing on the final season, one cannot but appreciate the gargantuan efforts put by thousands of crew members. 0
Comment(s) It does not water down the difficulties, annoyances and other complaints that people involved in such a huge production will inevitably have. Also, you will appreciate this documentary more only if you have seen season eight. Advertising

One of my favourite parts of the documentary was Vladimir Furdik (he was a stuntman on the show and also portrayed the malevolent White Walker ruler) whining about his work and also the way the Night King is brought down. So in case you haven’t seen the final season and plan to watch it, do not read further. Vladimír Furdik as the Night King.