Game of Thrones: Top 12 episodes of all time

Comment(s) Well, if it did not than the big reveal did. And he died at the hands of a human assassin. Even the White Walker was surprised that Jon’s sword can stop his sword mid parry. There was no better indication to that than this episode. There is no order. Despite this and the darker colour tone, The Battle of Winterfell was suitably epic. It was the Wildfire cache beneath the Great Sept. “Winter is Coming”
For me the first episode of the show will always have that special place. Arya Stark returned to Westeros as a master assassin. “Blackwater”
Blackwater was the penultimate episode of the second season. She decimated the house and continued on. “The Bells”
When Daenerys Targaryen became the Mad Queen. We just wish it did not end in such a way. It exploded, killing everybody. When I read this in the books, this was a punch in the guts. In other parts of the world, Daenerys Targaryen (finally) sails to Westeros, and, far to the north, Bran realises Jon Snow, is neither a Snow nor a Stark. “The Door”
The death of Hodor and the reveal as to why he was a half-wit and was capable of uttering ‘Hodor’ and nothing else. Oh, and Greywind, Robb’s direwolf, is killed too. Cersei Lannister similarly killed all her enemies in King’s Landing in one fell sweep. But hold the door, he did, until Bran and Meera escaped. He was also the main character of the show until then. It was Jon Snow’s true name: Aegon Targaryen. Her skills are not in question here. King Joffrey, who was watching the battle, fled. It was Longclaw, his Valyrian sword. Her only remaining child, Tommen, committed suicide, and Cersei, with no grief on her face, is crowned queen. The visuals were breathtaking, and this is true for the entire episode. Walder Frey, lord of the Twins, had offered alliance to House Stark. Oh, and Jon is crowned King in the North. And, as we know, this was just the beginning. This was some truly fantastic writing. “The Winds of Winter”


Game of Thrones rushed to its conclusion from the fifth season. The show did that even better, and Sean Bean’s brilliant acting throughout the season helped the audience sympathise with his character despite his many idiotic decisions. It was because Bran Stark went back in time to ask an adolescent Hodor to hold the door against the White Walkers and Wights. That scrambled the mind of the young Hodor. He is a Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, who married in secret. “The Battle of Winterfell”


The Night King was predictably unstoppable on that fateful night. It was predictable, because he was teased as a primal, almost natural force before whom even the strongest could not stand. The writing was weak, but the battle, when it came, was absolutely mind-boggling. With Game of Thrones, it is enough to watch the pilot and decide whether the show is for you or not. It turned out to be a trap. The Starks and their allies arrived for the wedding. Everything was going well, until Catelyn heard “The Rains of Castamere”, the unoffical anthem of the Lannisters and a warning for everyone to not antagonise them. “The Dragon and the Wolf”
Nearly all the major characters of the show came together for the first time in King’s Landing. Then the conflicts arise. Let’s go kill them!” Tyrion said in his battlecry. Stannis’ fleet spotted a solitary ship in the Blackwater Bay on which it closed in. Catelyn’s throat is cut too. I knew it was coming, but Ned Stark’s death was somehow still shocking to me — so invested I was in his character. The High Sparrow and his Faith Militant, Margaery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, every single one of them. Now, that’s a payoff. “Baelor”
Ned Stark’s death. It was a strong episode. “Hardhome”
A gorgeous episode with visual effects that would put many blockbusters to shame. Catelyn Stark’s brother, Edmure Tully, was to be wed to his daughter. The purpose was to showcase Cersei and other Lannisters a Wight, so that everybody will be aware of the threat of the Night King and be united against Army of the Dead when it comes. Advertising

Here is the ranking, with description and context. When no character at all is safe in a story, you are constantly on your toes, bracing for another heartbreak. It was also a fitting end to the genial giant in the sense that he died a heroic death he deserved though it broke many a heart. Tyrion enters a blown apart gate of King’s Landing, The Hound and the Mountain fight to death at the (metaphorical) end of the world, and my personal favourite: the stunning, fey visuals of Arya waking up and encountering a white horse. His army still vastly outnumbered Lannisters’ army. “Beyond the Wall”

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The Westerosi Avengers — Jon Snow, the Hound, Jorah Mormont, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, and Gendry crossed the Wall to bring back a Wight. And Sansa set his own, very hungry hounds on him. Jon beat him to a pulp. It was a powerful moment, and had set up something personal to come between Jon and the Night King. The wildfire was set alight by Bronn. “Battle of the Bastards”
When Joffrey Baratheon died, we all thought while his death was painful, there was no payoff in it. So much important stuff happened in this finale of sixth season that viewers wondered if the show might end in that very episode. He also had a surprise planned for Stannis. Just when Jon and others were about to be overwhelmed, Daenerys Targaryen arrived with her three dragons. She was probably the best warrior at Winterfell that night, but her sneaking up to a preternatural monster that is Night King, who was surrounded by dozens of White Walkers, did not look right. Now, Jon Snow is not merely a Targaryen, but a true born son of Rhaegar, and the heir to the Iron Throne. Her first stop was the Twins, home of the Freys. Sansa Stark should have killed him for all the torments he inflicted upon her. At the end, the Night King looked straight at Jon and raised his arms, reanimating the people who looked dead until then. Jon Snow, newly resurrected, attacked Ramsay Snow’s armies with his wildling army. Robert Baratheon comes to Winterfell and asks Eddard, the Stark patriarch, to become the Hand of the King. A foolhardy quest and its setup did not look believable at all. It had Stannis Baratheon invading King’s Landing with his army to claim the Iron Throne. The ship was chock full of Wildfire, an alchemical volatile substance that burns with an explosive green fire and its flames cannot be extinguished for a long time. “Rains of Castamere”
The House Stark had already suffered so much by the time Red Wedding happened. Tywin Lannister was busy dealing with Robb Stark and his northerners somewhere and he had sent his son, the wily and mostly nice dwarf Tyrion to handle the affairs of King’s Landing and to serve as the Hand of the King in his stead. I was newly done with the first book and was interested to see how those words will come alive on the screen. The Wall came down as well and the Army of the Dead was finally in the realm of the living. The event was not so much a battle as it was a slaughter by the Army of the Dead of the Wildlings and a minor counter-attack by the Night’s Watch. It is not as if Arya was not capable. But in the twisted mind of Martin, not enough. We, however, did get a payoff in the stunningly shot Battle of the Bastards. Viserion was killed effortlessly by the Night king, and the survivors had to flee on Drogon. Even the Hound, the only able commander remaining in the city, fled due to his pyrophobia. It fell on Tyrion to lead and rally the paltry Lannister army. The other important point was we came to know what a dying Lyanna Stark had whispered to Ned. A beautiful, thrilling, if a bit scary, episode of the show. Jon also slew a damn White Walker in a duel. We immediately fell in love with the Starks, they just seemed so much like our own family (of course we did not expect what was going to happen to them). It was one episode in which great spectacle made up for bad writing. While Tyrion was no commander, he did have a sharp brain. “Those are brave men knocking at our door. When battle was about to be lost, Littlefinger arrived with the forces of the Vale and routed Ramsay. It exploded in a stunning but horrifying display of bright green, obliterating Stannis’ entire fleet, who, unperturbed, landed with his forces on the shores and began pounding the Mud Gate. And that is why, it clicked. Robb Stark is stabbed through the heart, his pregnant wife is stabbed — in the stomach repeatedly. One could argue that it made little sense for Daenerys to target *only” the common people and burn them alive for no fault of their own instead of flying towards the Red Keep to kill Cersei, but, gosh, it was gorgeous. It was like killing Harry Potter at the end of Sorcerer’s Stone. Popular Photos

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This single episode set up the chain of events in the show. He was the anchor of Game of Thrones, its conscience. It was also the first time the Night King saw Jon Snow and appeared to express a mild surprise that somebody could fight back against his army.