Hostages first impression: A gripping thriller

While the suspense and performances will make you choose Hostages, only the following episodes will tell if we can sit through the entire show. Ronit, who made his mark in the web space with Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, delivers as the anti-hero in Hostages. Advertising

The first episode is all about introducing the various characters and setting up the premise. That’s when they are suddenly attacked by a group of masked people. The police officer, we saw a few minutes back fighting a terrorist, is now planning the murder of the CM. Parvin Dabas makes a satisfactory comeback to acting with the series. 0
Comment(s) She is an efficient doctor, who has been given the responsibility to operate on the Chief Minister (Dalip Tahil). Even though the situation is grim, the way Prithvi captures the young criminal tactfully will make you smile. In just the first episode, the makers have given us enough glimpses of the back story of the characters. Soon the scene shifts to the evening, and the family is seen prepping up to spend quality time with each other. A mysterious man is also seen leaving Dr Mira’s cabin. When it comes to performances, the makers have hit a jackpot with actors like Ronit Roy and Tisca Chopra. SP Prithvi Singh (Ronit Roy) is on the last day of his duty, and he successfully nabs a terror-accused. They can never go wrong and know their job too well. The major drawback with adaptations is that most people know how it is going to end. We hope he manages to surprise us in the upcoming episodes, where he will have more to do. As for Tisca, she shines among all, playing the doctor caught between what’s right and the safety of her family. Advertising

While the audience tries to grapple with the sudden turn of events, a major jolt comes when you realise the kidnapper is actually SP Prithvi Singh. We also get acquainted with Mira’s family. While he does a great job playing a husband trying to keep financial secrets from his wife, his act as the principal of the school is nothing to write home about. Also, Aashim Gulati is good looking but nothing much can be said about his acting skills. He leaks the exam paper in return for money and some intimate time with his classmate. But in that quest, if they go on to add too many twists and cliches, it’s going to become a total put off. From Dr Mira Anand’s insecure senior, her daughter being pregnant out of wedlock or her son being involved in illegal activities and her husband’s financial woes, there’s enough fodder to spice up the drama in the coming episodes. The big question remains – why? Her husband (Parvin Dabas) is a principal at a school, and their son takes big advantage of the same. Her helplessness seems genuine and you too find yourself contemplating what should she choose. Their young daughter is in a troubled state, after knowing she is pregnant. The audience can clearly foresee the danger as a young man (Aashim Gulati) invades Anand’s house pretending to be an internet service provider while trying to keep an eye on what’s happening. We then get to meet the other primary character Dr Mira Anand (Tisca Chopra). And that’s where the challenge lies for the makers to keep us hooked till the last episode. Surya Sharma, as one of the kidnappers, makes a mark with his intense performance. As they are put at gunpoint, and the order to Dr Mira is loud and clear – kill the CM to save your family.