India’s Most Wanted quick review: Arjun Kapoor-starrer is too tedious


The film’s not easy to review because it’s difficult to sit through the tiring 123 minutes (excluding the interval) without intentionally opting for distractions – from changing seat positions multiple times to checking updates on one’s phone. It is evident the actor tries too hard to pass off as the always brooding, humble, dutiful officer and yet fails as neither do his eyes have a life of their own nor does his stoic face. Minus a few tense nail-biting sequences, India’s Most Wanted seems like a miserable series of one lifeless moment after the other. India’s Most Wanted aims to tell a relevant story about a group of five unlikely men, who embark on a dangerous covert operation to capture one of India’s deadliest terrorists. The story provides enough room for heightened drama but Raj Kumar Gupta kills the potential with a banal screenplay, which almost never lifts the film. only gets stretched, owing to unimaginative writing. 0
Comment(s) The story, which spans over four days. Gupta gets no help from his principal cast, who look uninterested. What makes it worse is the mandatory nationalistic dialogue-sprouting, which shows up at the most odd times adding silliness to the tedious mission that India’s Most Wanted is. Arjun Kapoor, particularly, is difficult to watch because he looks sleep-deprived from start to end.