Kajal Aggarwal: Sita is a representation of today’s girl

So I just have to be very careful about how I want to do it. Did you do any homework for your role? He has done a wonderful job. Because there are not too many films that give you the scope to perform that way. The fact that I am getting to do something out of the box. During Nene Raju Nene Mantri shooting, I kept telling Teja sir not to do this film with anyone else as I was going to do Sita. And, everyone deals with heartbreak. Advertising

I have finished a project with Sharwanand, which is ready to release. So, I am glad that Teja sir just saw that. They really want to keep the title on the basis of what is relevant to the script. It is about each person wanting to make it really big in their lives. I had three meetings with Teja sir where I sat and made notes. He has taken the emotions to a much higher level as he wanted it to be more relatable. Like, I didn’t want her to be a stereotype character. I didn’t want to cross over. Does Sita have any message for the audience? I am glad that this was our second film. It gave me the scope to be able to understand for myself, what I can experiment with. Every actor likes being pushed. It looks like you did the stunts on your own? Tell us about your working experience with director Teja. She is a very nice girl. Advertising

I like mythological stories very much. And, I want to break the shackles and go further. It was supposed to release long back? I have done the Tamil version of it. Advertising

As the film is set to hit the screens this Friday, Kajal Aggarwal opened up about the challenges she faced while playing Sita, her future projects among other things. Actually, it is amazing. I am playing several shades in the film. Secondly, it is testing my limits. 0
Comment(s) Sita is just a very driven and motivated person. On the other side, I did not want to watch any other film because I did not want it to be a cliche. Each person has a very different sense of what he or she eventually wants his/her project to look like. But her priorities are different in life. I have made a full graph about how she is going to be at what point of time. Because he does not take your performance at face value. Popular Photos

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Did you enjoy playing a character with negative shades in Sita? I have a film with Jayam Ravi in Tamil and I have finished shooting for it. I spoke to Teja sir a lot, figuring out how we want to take it forward. She is ambitious and wants to fulfil her dreams. The shoot will resume in June. I loved it. Why will I not want it? So I tried to make that as personal as I could. But it is a take on interpersonal relationships and it has a message for personal development. But for the better. This is more about relationships, drive and ambition. I think Teja sir wanted someone who looks vulnerable and at the same time macho. Otherwise, we have to think and rack our brains. I had a physiotherapist waiting on set for me. It makes our job easier. I didn’t want to cross the line and become a negative character. But, this film has no connection to mythology. I don’t know. Sita needed that kind of chemistry. I don’t know how that man does it. His character is more difficult to understand and perform. I still wanted her to be soft and innocent. The project was shelved because I could not allot dates. And Teja sir just tweaked it very beautifully. Especially, after so many years, I want to explore different things. What are your upcoming projects? That is admirable and commendable. He has really raised the bar for himself. There is something that keeps Teja sir going and that doesn’t go away. We don’t want to keep doing the same thing again and again. She is not a vamp. I think Kamal Haasan sir was busy, but it will start as soon as he is free. I think it is more difficult than my role. You know, as an actor, we all want to do things which are different. But he can work 24 /7. It is a whole graph. And what I would like to do more of. Was there any change in the story from the initial narration to you, especially the climax? I am very happy that times are changing. For some people, they want to just get married and settle down. That is the quality of an amazing director and every actor wants it that way. But for others, they want to make it big in their life. And, what is the priority for each person? It was supposed to release. Yes. Here, someone is telling you what to do. My character in the movie is a complicated one with twists and turns. Because I think it kind of helped us and Sai Sreenivas’s character is very challenging. And he has done the best that he could for the film. But I wanted to show the metamorphosis from a small town vulnerable girl into understanding what she wants in the journey of life. She is not some villain, and she is not a Kaliyug Sita. I hope it releases soon. It is making my life easy. That’s why we like being pushed. I have a lot of respect for Teja sir. More Explained

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Sita is your second film with Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas. I did really intense stunts on my own. My working experience with him was very nice. So, I think Sita is a representation of today’s girl and about how she wants to work hard and achieve her goals. And it is an evolution of my character. What happened to Paris Paris? I am very happy that directors don’t really want to give the title just for the sake of it. When he is in a project, his energy is contagious. Do you like being pushed by directors? I want to explore roles from a different perspective. Teja sir is amazing at it. I really enjoyed it. Yes, it did change. But, there was not one particular person that I had to observe outside of society. We have very good compatibility. Here are excerpts from Kajal Aggarwal’s conversation with the media:
The film’s story looks like a modern day adaptation of Ramayana. I still wanted to maintain the vulnerability of the character. Then we did Nene Raju Nene Mantri. Teja sir narrated the story of Sita many years ago. Filmmakers naming a film after the female lead character is a rare thing. And the only thing that is permeable from celluloid to reality is emotion. What excited you the most about Sita? Here, the script is about Sita, and about how she deals with her relationships and people around her. Now that’s a rare combination and I think he fits the bill perfectly. He wants to see it in your eyes. What is the status of Indian 2? I tried doing it as differently as I possibly could. And, this was a very fine line. It was very exciting for me to portray, and as an actor, learn and grow in different ways. I wanted to maintain that line where she has conviction and she is selfish about it. I just had to observe people in general. I think we broke the ice during Kavacham. I really enjoyed working with him in Lakshmi Kalyanam, Nene Raju Nene Mantri and now Sita. Sita has no social message.