Liberating to play Jessica Pearson outside Suits: Gina Torres

Pearson premieres on USA Network alongside with the ninth and final season of Suits on July 17. #Pearson premieres July 17 on @USA_Network. Torres is set to reprise her role in her spin-off “Pearson”, in which disbarred lawyer Jessica takes on the dirty realm of Chicago politics as the mayor’s right-hand woman. Therefore, our background of Chicago is very important, because it’s a city good, bad, and indifferent representing all of that… Within all of that, there’s gallows humour,” she added. “We’re much more interested in being reflective of what’s happening today and how it’s affecting society. 0
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Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams played Harvey and Mike, respectively. Advertising

“Not that I didn’t love working with that cast and those story lines, but it’s just such a gift, as an actor, to explore these different aspects of a woman, a powerhouse, a boss, a lover, a niece,” she told Entertainment Weekly. Jessica Pearson is suiting up for a new role.
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Asked how Pearson will be different from Suits, Torres said tonally it will be “a little darker”. The actor said the new show gave her an opportunity to put flesh and blood on a fully realised human.