Medically Yourrs actor Shantanu Maheshwari: Never tried to build or break an on-screen image

Neither did I expect nor did my parents. I had never smoked in my life but did it for the series. Post that, I will get back to the struggle of finding another good project. The friendship, most definitely. People usually feel they are always studying and have a boring life. All their hopes were towards my elder brother, who was more studious. I have been balancing both for a while and would love to continue doing that throughout. X.X.X and now Medically Yourrs – do you feel the web is giving you the platform to break your chocolate boy image? Advertising

In an exclusive conversation with, the 28-year-old shared more about Medically Yourrs and his love for dance. Excerpts from the conversation:
The show is set in your hometown Kolkata. I love it. On the other hand, this show has given me many new experiences. What’s next? If I like something, I do it. Completely, and it was a great experience. Did you take reference from any of your personal college experiences? The challenge to try something new was really fun. Was it nostalgic in any way? Neither did I ever work on building an on-screen image nor breaking it. No never (laughs). But in reality, they are as normal as any other student and have the same issues, we all faced in college. Advertising

Did you do any kind of homework to play a medical student? Advertising

For now, I am busy promoting Medically Yourrs. 0
Comment(s) I would rather choose interesting, different and challenging roles than worrying about the image. But with this show, we are breaking the perception around medical students. So it was actually quite an enriching experience. Also, since the show is based on 4th-year students, we had to get bring alive the chemistry of friends, who have known each other for a long time. But you will definitely see more of me soon in the coming days. I work from my heart and choose projects with my gut feeling. To tell you honestly, I have never been bothered about an image. I was never inclined towards science. It is not that I am doing it for the sake of it or for money. Popular Photos

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