Medically Yourrs first impression: Shantanu Maheshwari starrer has its moments

Nibedita (Nityami Shirke) is Abir’s childhood friend but also his biggest competition and his father’s favourite. The first two episodes has its moments but it gets tiresome after a while. To remove his competition, Abir plays his tricks and tries to bog down ‘keetabi keeda’ Nibedita by setting her up with college dropout Akash. Advertising

In terms of acting, Shantanu Maheshwari manages to pull off his chocolate boy role and Nityami Shirke is also good as a coy, intelligent and anxious college-goer. Advertising

Thankfully, life at KIMS is far from what it was at Rosewood High or Karan Johar’s St. We get to see a variety of students, from bookworms, overachievers, daydreamers to party animals. The rich and snobbish do not dominate and humiliate the middle-class. There is no rich boy showing off his beefed-up body or a well-off girl frolicking around in fancy clothes. Amidst all this, director Abhijit Das delves into the chaotic student life which is messed up because of upcoming mock tests and final examinations and not due to some ‘intra-collge sports competition’. Shruti Bapna, as always, impresses with her performance and Bijay Anand once again aces his role of an over achieving father. The others Keval Dasani (Lolly), Manas Adhiya (Pallav) and Radhey Lotwala (Vishesh) who play friends to Abir and Nibedita need to up their acting game. Teresa. Now, if Medically Yourrs will pick up pace in the remaining episodes will be interesting to see. Meanwhile, he finds a way of getting better grades by giving sexual favours to his teacher played by Shruti Bapna. His father (Bijay Anand), also the best surgeon in town, wants him to be a doctor while he aspires to be a musician. Das manages to capture the drama of campus life beyond its wild parties, rich vs poor fights and love triangles. 0
Comment(s) There is a story which, to some extent, does make sense. Abir Basu (Shantanu Maheshwari) is an unemotional and nonchalant boy born in a family of doctors.