Naomi Scott: I see Jasmine as resilient and independent

She is more ambitious and is looking out for the kingdom as a whole and for everyone’s well-being.”

Producer Dan Lin says, “Naomi is perfect as a more contemporary princess. The actor says, “I see Jasmine as resilient and independent. I like embarking on new, creative challenges, and this certainly was one.”
Aladdin releases in India on May 24. Ritchie thinks of the film as a “clash between two worlds.” He says, “It is a story about a street kid dealing with his insecurities in a Disney environment. She is a leader who wants to feel connected to the people of her kingdom and do right by them.”
She adds, “She is not just fighting for her own choices. 0
Comment(s) The Disney environment gave me a new space in which to discover and experience a world familiar to me that I already feel confident in. Advertising

Naomi describes her reinvented character as an opinionated princess who wants to mingle with the common people. She is fighting for the choices of others and she is fighting to make other peoples’ lives better. She is a very modern thinker who has strong opinions about some things but manages to balance that with a natural, warm demeanor and great sense of humour.”


Aladdin is co-written and directed by Guy Ritchie. Will Smith and Mena Massoud play the roles of Genie and Aladdin, respectively.