PM Narendra Modi box office collection Day 4: Will Vivek Oberoi film pass crucial Monday test?

He tweeted, “#PMNarendraModi showed positive trending across the weekend… Biz on Day 3 gave the much-required push… Weekdays crucial, since it needs to maintain the momentum for a satisfactory total… Fri 2.88 cr, Sat 3.76 cr, Sun 5.12 cr. And who cares for the disbelievers, as they collect their jaws from the floor as the film goes from one blatant white-wash to another: that as a young man, Modi walked out of a potential marital alliance and went to the Himalayas to do ‘tapasya’; that the post-Godhra riots couldn’t be controlled because the ‘neighbouring states’ didn’t ‘help’; that messiah Modi was a ‘secular’ helper during the earthquake relief operations; and so on and on. “After a point you stop counting. Advertising

While the film had a slow start at the box office with Rs 2.88 crore on Friday, it showed growth on Saturday and Sunday with Rs 3.76 crore and Rs 5.12 crore, respectively. Now, the film will enter its first weekday. Trade analyst shared the latest box office figures of the film. It is to be seen if the Vivek Oberoi film manages to attract the audience to the theaters. Total: ₹ 11.76 cr. India biz.”
PM Narendra Modi received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. The Indian Express’ film critic Shubhra Gupta gave only two stars to the film. 0
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“Those who have swallowed the myth-making whole will watch the film as a reaffirmation of their faith. What else could it be?”, she mentioned in the review. The film is not a mere bio-pic, it is a full-fledged, unabashed, unapologetic hagiography.