Ridley Scott confirms another Alien prequel

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The 81-year-old veteran created the sci-fi horror franchise with 1979’s Alien, which he followed up with three sequels. Advertising

Looking back at the franchise, Scott said he was not the first choice to direct the first film. He said someone told the producers about his 1977 directorial The Duellists after they approached him for the project. “They sent me a script and I read it. “I said, ‘Well, what I will do first is go back (to London), look at this carefully to see if there’s anything I need to adjust’,” Scott said. All the films were headlined by Sigourney Weaver. “I was the fourth choice,” Scott said, adding that Robert Altman had been offered the movie before him. Scott also directed two prequels — Prometheus (2012) and Alien: Covenant (2017) — featuring English actor Michael Fassbender in the lead. Once I was there, they said ‘Look, the budget is hovering just under USD 4 million.’ I did ‘The Duellists’ for USD 850,000, so the figures sounded right to me. During an interview with Variety for the 40th anniversary of Alien, the filmmaker shared that he is planning to direct a third prequel, but said the project is still in “script phase”. I loved it. I was in Hollywood within 32 hours.