Selvaraghavan is a terrific actor: Suriya

I love playing with the moments where the character doesn’t talk. Do you prepare for your roles? But for NGK, Selva made sure that I didn’t. The film revolves around a party worker and how he goes up the political ladder. You made your acting debut in 1997 with Nerrukku Ner. In fact, I was surprised at how he was emotionally invested in the character, Nandha Gopalan Kumaran. NGK is a result of two-and-a-half years of hard work, and it is quite close to my heart. He brought out the best in me. As you grow older, you get a different perspective on many things. I remember watching Kaadhal Kondein (2003) and wanted to work with Selvaraghavan. Selva is an uncompromising filmmaker, who puts himself in the audience’s place and views his work critically. I believe in energies, and I strongly feel that everyone’s energies synced in NGK. It helps when you come on board knowing nothing as an actor, but being there as an empty cup, you fill it with the vision of the director. Not only he is a fantastic director, but also a terrific actor. There is so much that happens in silence. That way, it was a pleasure knowing Selva. When the audience watches NGK, they will understand this better. How was it working with Selvaraghavan? I simply follow my heart. Popular Photos

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I want to find new ways to redefine myself as an actor. He has made a variety of films, but never consciously tries to be different. It was a huge learning experience. I have been telling him that whatever he comes up with next, I want to be a part of it. It is hard to find another Selvaraghavan in the industry. I hope it will be a turning point in my career. You start seeing your work from a different point of view. There were a lot of moments like this in NGK. Every film has its own destiny and you never know what will work and what won’t. His style of making is unique and improvisational. As an actor, it is wonderful to perform when you are not given the help of words. I must say working with him made me love cinema even more. Generally, I prefer working with directors with whom I can relate. He is evolving with each film and moves ahead with conviction. I am glad it happened finally. Excerpts from a conversation:
How did NGK happen? You never know how he would use your body language in the edit. On the sets, he is a total disciplinarian. 0
Comment(s) He doesn’t insist that I memorise the dialogues. Initially, Selvaraghavan came up with three ideas, and when we zeroed in on the final one, we thought why not collaborate with Dream Warrior Pictures. From what we know, NGK looks like a serious political film. Advertising

The Singam actor sure knows how to build up buzz around a film. What has grown over the years is the hunger for good roles. It is a dream that took more than 15 years to materialise. How has the whole journey been so far? Honestly, preparation doesn’t help much for Selvaraghavan films. What is NGK all about? Thanks to my fans, who have been there, supporting me, all the time. Sometimes, I do. Most importantly, I believe in surrendering myself to the director completely. That’s what Selvaraghavan and I intended to achieve. Advertising

NGK is a multi-layered film like any other project of Selvaraghavan. I don’t take calculated decisions. Selva has discussed the effects it has on NGK’s family. I think we have to be honest about our work.