Shreyas Talpade: I like challenges thrown at me

And I am grateful for all the work that I have done and reached this far and still doing work I think it is great. Best known for his critically-acclaimed turns in Dor and Iqbal, the actor says he has learnt to balance praise and brickbats that are a part of being a performer. “Coming from a non-film background, all you need is an opportunity to show your work, show your versatility. I like challenges thrown at me, I don’t mind when I am not called a star, or when people say I am finished or think I am a non-actor. I believe in myself.”
Shreyas says it is tough to sustain in this industry and he is aware that everyone goes through highs and lows. “One thing that the industry has taught me is that it is never too late to start or restart at any point. The journey is not over yet,” he told PTI in an interview. I know what I am capable of. Advertising

“If everything is going in your favour or is good, then you will become complacent. Every film has taught me something. Like how Bachchan sir reinvented himself,” he says. “Even the biggest of stars including Amitabh Bachchan sir had to go through a weak phase, he had to struggle. 0
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In his 19-year-old career, Shreyas has had a mix bag of hits and flops but every film has been a learning for him, says the actor. It is part of your professional journey. One who has the hunger and passion for cinema will do whatever it takes to do good work.