Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal show off their camaraderie on Neha Dhupia’s show

Is it just because of that?” to which Taapsee said, “Also because of that.” She continued, “The last couple of years, I was thinking to take it to the next level in this country. He said, “Please never ever ask for a selfie while she is eating food. I have seen girls going crazy. I don’t understand. I have been following the sport for 7-8 years, like hardcore. “Mostly, people call him Boe,” Taapsee said smiling and blushing. She can kill you with her stare. Advertising

While Vicky spoke about turning down Stree, the success of Uri and much more, Taapsee talked about her badminton team, films and her love life. While talking about her badminton team 7Aces, Taapsee said, “I have always been inclined towards sports. I enjoy watching it as its pretty interesting.”
Vicky interrupted, “Really? He is someone I can sit with for 20 hours a day and chit-chat,” Taapsee said when Neha asked about the female attention Vicky gets. Had it not been movies, I would have tried my hands at sports because I love to play sports. Someone came and asked for a photo and she turned to them and said, ‘Khana khaa lun?’ (Shall I eat?) I could hear their heart breaking. 0
Comment(s) Taapsee Pannu’s love life
For the first time ever, Taapsee Pannu almost opened up about her love life. He is a friend. Advertising

Taapsee Pannu finds it amusing that Vicky Kaushal has crazy female fans
Taapsee Pannu finds it hard to understand why women go gaga over Vicky Kaushal. Here are the excerpts:
Vicky Kaushal on what Taapsee Pannu truly dislikes
Vicky Kaushal revealed that Taapsee Pannu hates to be clicked or asked for a selfie while having her food. “So, we were having our breakfast together and chatting. I cannot see the hot thing. So, Neha concluded the session saying, “It is great the influence of badminton kind of leads to love and influence of love leads to badminton and many other enterprising things in life,” hinting at the romance between Taapsee and Boe. I used to feel that I should put out a therapy studio for those broken hearts,” the actor remarked. Badminton in particular because we all have played it at some point in our life. “I know he is like a tall dark handsome category but I have never seen him like that. Once there is food on the table, you are dead.”
Vicky recalled an incident which happened right in front of him. Vicky Kaushal turned down Stree
When Neha Dhupia asked Vicky Kaushal about a film that he turned down and later became a massive hit, Vicky answered, “Stree.”
BFFs with Vogue Season 3 streams on Voot. Rest of the things are already at good levels.”

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At the end of the session, host Neha Dhupia mentioned Mathias Boe and the influence he has on Taapsee.