Taron Egerton on Elton John biopic Rocketman: It’s a celebration of a truly great man

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The Elton John biopic was in development for nearly two decades. Earlier, it was also reported that the movie might see British star Tom Hardy or American singing sensation Justin Timberlake play Elton John. Interestingly, Taron Egerton and Dexter Fletcher have earlier worked together on the biographical film Eddie the Eagle. This is a raw, human story, but it is also a celebration of a truly great man and what we can learn from him,” the actor added. Rocketman will release on May 31 in India. However, the role finally went to Welsh actor Taron Egerton. “But it is also so important to make the fans happy and make Elton likeable. The movie also features Jamie Bell, Richard Madden and Bryce Dallas Howard in pivotal roles. Rocketman has been helmed by Dexter Fletcher and written by Lee Hall. The film reportedly shifted hands from Walt Disney Studios and Focus Features as well. Advertising

“We always felt we wanted to be irreverent and make sure the audience feels like they are getting a glimpse into the life of a man who has had a notoriously turbulent time,” Egerton said.