Terminator Dark Fate trailer: Linda Hamilton-Arnold Schwarzenegger film looks great

Linda Hamilton, the original Sarah Connor, will reprise her role. Cameron may not be directing, but it does seem to have his stamp on it. Not so much human, then. The three meet T-800, perhaps to join forces with him. She tells them their name and says she has never seen one like Grace, who looks almost human. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as T-800 as well, and is a positive character like he was in Judgment Day instead of the villain he was in the original film. We do not yet know what that title refers to, though. 0
Comment(s) The leads are Mackenzie Davis as Grace, a soldier who is sent back in the past to protect a young woman (the new target of Skynet), and Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), the young woman. Sarah Connor arrives with a rifle and fires at the terminator, blowing large holes in his body. Advertising

Tim Miller, who directed the first Deadpool movie, is helming this film. Grace says she indeed is human and a few shots show her throwing cops here and there like ragdolls. Advertising

The trailer shows Grace and Ramos being attacked by Luna’s terminator and are being overpowered. This film looks great, and resembles the original two films in all the best ways. She then pulls out a grenade launcher and fires, seemingly destroying the terminator. In another scene, Grace fights that terminator (Luna) and is seen holding her own. Terminator: Dark Fate releases on November 1, 2019 in the US. A power-up or tips by T-800 would be our guess. Gabriel Luna plays the villain, a terminator with Venom-like ability to flow about like a liquid and reform.