Tom Holland on Spider-Man Far From Home: It’s like if Homecoming and Spectre had a baby

Jake and I got on really well. He’s sort of a new addition to this world of heroes and sort of my teammate throughout the movie.”
Elaborating on the relationship between Mysterio (played by Gyllenhaal) and Spider-Man, Tom said, “It’s very much big brother/little brother. You have the spy mission on its own.”
“But at the heart of it, it’s still a very similar film to Spider-Man: Homecoming in the sense that it’s really about Peter and his friends and the lighthearted humour that they have, and what happens when a group of Americans go to Europe,” the actor added. 0
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When asked how the second Spider-Man movie differs from the first installment, Tom said, “This one’s kind of like if Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spectre had a baby. On sharing screen space with the versatile Jake Gyllenhaal, the Spider-Man actor said, “He’s awesome, man. That’s how I would describe this film. And Nick Fury is the head teacher who is constantly telling me off because I don’t want to really be there…Mysterio is always the one who is sort of sticking up for me, and patting me on the back and telling me I did a good job.”
Spider-Man: Far From Home releases on July 5 in India. And it’s interesting because when you hear the word Mysterio, you immediately think villain, and that’s not the case in our film. It has the sexy aspect of being in Europe.