We’re meeting and talking about it: Reese Witherspoon on Legally Blonde 3

Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine is expected to produce the film. Advertising

The 43-year-old actor had kick-started the series with 2001’s “Legally Blonde”, where she played the idealistic Elle Woods who follows her boyfriend to a law school in order to win him back. Advertising

During her appearance on the Ellen Show, Witherspoon said the team is still discussing the film. In June last year, Witherspoon had announced that she will be reprising her role in a threequel which would hit the theatres on Valentine’s Day in 2020. A sequel, titled Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, was released in 2003. “I mean, it’s sort of about women being underestimated and I think it’s a good idea — that things have changed, but not that much has changed!” she added. Do you guys want to see ‘Legally Blonde 3’?” Witherspoon asked the audience. 0
Comment(s) I mean, we’re definitely talking about it. “We’re meeting about it. I don’t know.