And The Oskar Goes To talks about the struggles of independent filmmakers at the Oscars

Geetu Mohandas felt like she had inherited a white elephant. Her widely acclaimed Liar’s Dice also did not receive an Oscar nod. Produced by Salim Ahamed, And The Oskar Goes To also stars Lal, Sreenivasan, Salimkumar and Anu Sithara among others. Advertising

Geetu Mohandas on Sunday recalled the challenges she faced when she had a real shot at winning the Oscar. Judging from the trailer, the protagonist makes the film based on Salim’s life. “The title brought back fond memories and struggles, I must say,” said the actor-filmmaker in an audio message. “I really hope at least his (Salim Ahamed’s) character brings back the Oscar,” the actor-filmmaker wished. But director-writer Salim Ahamed takes the audience into an unfamiliar territory filled with various obstacles. Actor Salim Kumar has also played a role in the film. 0
Comment(s) “I never expected that my first film, Liar’s Dice, will be selected for the 87th Academy Award from India. It is no coincidence as the director’s first film Adaminte Makan Abu also had Salim Kumar in the lead role. Advertising

A film showing the struggles of an aspiring filmmaker is not something unheard of. The film is said to be based on Salim Ahamed’s tryst with the Oscars when his debut film Adaminte Makan Abu was sent to Academy Awards as the official contender for Best Foreign Film from India. And The Oskar Goes To is a film about the hardship faced by cash-strapped independent filmmakers who take their film to the Academy Awards. Because it doesn’t have any commercial possibilities. On top of that, when I was given such a responsibility, I had to go through a lot of difficulties raising money in order to go to L.A and campaign, give the film the best viewing experience for the audience there in order to be selected (sic),” she added. The film, however, did not get nominated for the coveted recognition. The film is due in cinemas on June 21. And at that time, it was hard enough for an independent filmmaker to make a film.