Avengers Endgame re-release: What’s in the new post-credit scenes?

Now since the re-release has screened in North America, details as to the exact content of those scenes are out. He receives a phone call and answers. The lips of the Hulk do not move at all when he talks. Nick Fury and Maria Hill are at a remote town in Mexico. This would have been impossible with the older, angrier Hulk. The scene ends when they hear movement and turn to face the Elemental. The scene ends with him saying, “Steve who?”, certainly referring to Steve Rogers who calls him for a meeting with Natasha and Scott Lang. According to Screenrant, the scene begins with the Stan Lee tribute. It is similar in many ways to Professor Hulk from the comics, but is not exactly that. This includes a deleted scene, a tribute to Stan Lee and a scene from Far From Home. The footage is not new and has been cut by taking clips from the Marvel legend shooting his famous cameos in dozens of Marvel films over the years. Mark Ruffalo’s character merged with his alter-ego Bruce Banner to create the perfectly balanced creature with brains of Banner and brawn of the Hulk. Spider-Man: Far From Home releases on July 4 in India, and on July 5 worldwide. Apparently, Nick has learned of a cyclone with a face (perhaps an Elemental) destroying people and property, though Hill is unconvinced. 0
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The other and probably the biggest motive is to promote Spider-Man: Far From Home, the upcoming MCU film and the first after Endgame. It ends with the text, “Stan, we love you 3000,” which is a callback from a line spoken in the film. To attract the moviegoers who have already seen the movie, Marvel has thrown in a few short scenes. The scene is what could have been the intro of the Banner/Hulk in the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio arrives and warns Fury and Hill that they do not want anything to do with the monster. The scene, as Marvel said, is unfinished. He is rescuing citizens from a burning building and seems to share an easy relationship with the fire-fighters. The final scene is from Far From Home. Advertising

The next scene is the deleted scene, which involves the Hulk.