Bhushan Kumar is a businessman and he has chosen to earn money: Amit Trivedi on trend of remixes

If you have money tomorrow, you will be powerful. That’s because business runs on popular music, hit songs. When I asked Bhushan Kumar about the trend of recreations that almost every music composer has gone on record criticising, I also quoted you. If tomorrow, I also have two thousand crores in my account, I will also be as powerful as he (Kumar) is. He was cooperative enough to take whatever I wanted and all the suggestions that I made. When you listen to your songs on radio, how does that make you feel? So, I wondered what was I thinking at that time and how did I come up with it! It has sunk in now. It’s not easy at the age of 17-18, knowing that your father has been shot, to take over from there and bring it so far. I do sometimes go back to my old songs. These are the only two examples that have worked actually. I think he has chosen money so that’s fine. So, it depends from person to person. So, it’s not that because somebody wants it, I have to create a hit number. He is a label. Anurag Kashyap, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Kausar Munir. I don’t have any ego. There’s so much other beautiful music out there. He has guts. I am really happy and proud of the way he has brought his company to where it is today. They don’t love it. Having said that, there’s no such thing between us. That’s my only way. For instance, if you are making a Manmarziyaan, would you listen to Punjabi folk? We feel each other’s energies right now. It has been months and years since I did that. Have you become comfortable with your stardom now? I am not a jazz musician. It’s exactly the same while making music. Yes, music labels definitely have money hence the power. Till date, I have only heard of very few artistes from Hindi film music. He is doing great in his own right. If I don’t go back to my music, my family makes sure I do because they keep listening to my old songs, despite me telling them not to do so. But here is the big catch which I want him to know. I had never heard it except Rahman sir and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy because they resonated with me. There are independent artistes but radio doesn’t play them. Advertising

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No, I don’t listen to anything in particular. Also, music labels are more powerful. Early on in your career, you said in an interview that when you were making music for Dev D, you thought no one would listen to it because it sounded nothing like the Bollywood songs that were popular then. We both need each other. Advertising

No. So, because I was working for a Bollywood film for the first time, I thought of checking up what was happening in the industry. They don’t like it. But I don’t think of hits. I can’t make that. I just do the job. Their business won’t run on just good music, or on the music that works beautifully for the film but doesn’t play in the parties. Some I feel very proud of. They make me wonder, ‘How did I do this?’ I was listening to Bombay Velvet a while back and I was amazed. There’s nothing else. We will work. It’s about what naturally comes to me. 0
Comment(s) People avoid coming to me for that. It’s the energy. Rest of the songs were conceived after Anurag joined the film. Has there ever been a temptation to make hit tracks? So, I was going through what Bollywood was doing those days. When two musicians team up, are there chances of an ego clash? When you are creating a particular album, do you listen to tracks or music that keep you in the zone? Whoever I have met, on a personal one-to-one level, from different age groups and sections of the society, nobody has told me they like “Dilbar Dilbar” as a song. Whosoever has money has power. When he asks why you continue to work with him, what will you say to that? I really admire him for this quality. I can’t do that ever again. Popular Photos

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It has taken me 11 years! It’s right there. I thought, ‘How will I be accepted in an industry like this?’ But I was proved wrong and I felt really happy when the music came out. He has the most immaculate, amazing energy as far as I am concerned. It shows how a director really affects the vision of a musician. I take the energy, absorb the vibe of the script and the situation and react to it. Anurag Kashyap has a certain energy and I have taken that since Dev D. So, I don’t blame them. Dhanush is a very polite and a humble person. Since you mentioned Bombay Velvet, is it difficult to revisit the music when a film doesn’t work? It’s not about a label. It’s comfortable now that I can talk so much! His energy is beautiful and it resonates with the work that we do together. I spend more time on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Either you earn money or be passionate about music. He laughed and continued, ‘Why do people like Amit Trivedi and Shankar Ehsaan Loy continue to work with me? I am here to listen to my listeners, not music composers.’ When told that even listeners complain about the trend, Bhushan said he doesn’t bother about the one per cent of the audience. What do you think about it? My music is my instinctive reaction to what comes to me. Kumar first said, ‘Tell him to make songs that work with public.’
(Laughs). Nothing else has worked in such a big way. However way he has done it, doesn’t matter. Is it one per cent? This is something I hate about radio stations. They might be consuming it somewhere playing in a party, but they are not passionate about it., So, it’s a choice. I am a composer. That trouble I face. We shared a beautiful relationship while working on this music. You had said that the trend is courtesy music labels. Hats off to him. And then the stories and other things come into the picture. Like, you are asking me something and I am reacting to you. It’s done. These are the only people I go to when I feel low or am in trouble or when I don’t understand what’s happening. It wasn’t my genre. So, when this happens, nostalgia hits and you start reliving those moments spent creating that music. I was listening to radio and it plays only Bollywood. See, I have in my own way made my kind of hit songs. Probably he is right in a way that only one per cent is not happy with remixes because going by the statistics, how “Dilbar Dilbar” and “Aankh Maare” have done and they play all over the world show that people are absolutely okay with it. It was a little dangerous. It was so overwhelming that I couldn’t handle that kind of attention and accolades. This was one of the reasons I ran away from interviews because I wasn’t prepared for this transformation from being a normal, basic guy to this star probably. What I was making had no connection to what was being churned out then. There’s something extremely strong that we experience on a daily basis, it’s energy. It’s as simple as that. If I were in his place, I might have never gone into this business. Some reactions have gone on to become hits. But some of them have become hits. He is a businessman. Music is a separate entity all together. Also, thankfully, I haven’t found any tool or method to go by. It’s very difficult because then a lot of people don’t want to work with you. I don’t get time. None of those songs sounded similar to “Saadi Sachi Mohabbat”. Or is there any method that you swear by while creating music? The script thrown at me, the narration that’s given to me of a particular situation, I absorb that and react to it. So, I have no clue what happens on these platforms maybe because I am a digital guy. Whom do you trust with the best advice? Advertising

In an interview with, Amit, responsible for introducing some of the best genre-bending music in Bollywood, talks about getting used to his stardom, what being a non-conformist in the tradition-driven industry means and what he wants T-Series honcho Bhushan Kumar to know. You collaborated with Dhanush for your latest work, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir. I don’t listen to radio. Honestly, I was never into Bollywood music. Last year, Shellee told me that “Saadi Sachi Mohabbat” was the only track in Manmarziyaan that was made while Sameer Sharma was directing it. I would have been scared. Outside your own team, who are the people you go to when you have a roadblock with any of your music? I don’t watch TV. It has taken its own sweet time. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. I just love him. With same enthusiasm and gusto, I have created all the songs. Do you analyse your own music?