Big Little Lies Season 2 first impression: It’s the Meryl Streep show now


The much-awaited Big Little Lies is back with its second season. Big Little Lies Season 2 is streaming on Hotstar in India. The first episode aired recently and while it takes the story forward after the catastrophic events of the first season, it remains to be seen how long can the Monterey Five conceal the truth. The first season ended with Perry’s (Alexander Skarsgard) death and it is haunting all those who had a part to play in his demise. Zoe Kravitz’s Bonnie has taken the strongest hit out of all and Nicole Kidman’s Celeste is still trying to find the new normal. Meryl Streep plays Perry’s mother Mary Louise, who rightly suspects that there is more to her son’s death than she is being told. Now, we see Reese Witherspoon’s Madeline being her feisty old self again with Laura Dern’s Renata, who is still just as conniving. Hence, the completion that we felt after watching these women heave a sigh of relief by the beach feels forgotten now. In a nutshell, the five women are up against Streep. The five women are now known as the Monterey Five. Meryl Streep brings in new energy to the show and it honestly feels like this show now belongs to her. 0
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As far as the plot is concerned, the finale-like-scene at the end of the first season does not make much sense anymore. Streep’s Mary Louise hooks the viewer from the get-go. Of course, she is a charmer on screen but the fact that the entire season’s progress hinges on her character gives her all the power here. The show has an army of strong performers and after Streep’s addition, it looks like the series has the strongest ensemble cast that we might have seen in the longest time. The supporting characters and the subplots here are yet to be developed fully so we can only hope that the show will be more wholesome than just solving a murder mystery that the audience is already aware of. Meryl and Reese are just firecrackers in the scenes they share. Another strong point of Big Little Lies has been its excellently curated soundtrack and the tradition holds in this season as well. The show was introduced as a limited series but after the success of the first season, the makers decided to go ahead and make a second season.