Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Abhirami confesses her feelings for Kavin, Meera Mithun joins the show

While Reshma talks about how she’d like if everyone disposes of the garbage in a separate cover, Fathima Babu talks about wasting food and handling leftovers with care. Mohan Vaithya turns emotional as he talks about his late wife and family. Popular Photos

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Sherin, Sakshi and Reshma ask Kavin’s help to calm Abhirami down. Vanitha says she will resolve the issue between them and asks Meera not to interfere with things that don’t concern her directly. The captain of the house, Vanitha Vijaykumar, asks the inmates to discuss if they have any problems. He adds how director K Balachander helped him get out of his grief and goes on to tell nothing in his life lasts very long. 0
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Meera Mithun of Thaanaa Serndha Koottam fame joins the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry. Mohan Vaithya again gets emotional over the memory of his late wife and Abhirami admits that her anger is her drawback and also uses this opportunity to apologise to Meera. This leads to a heated argument between the two. He hopes to stay in touch with other inmates even after the show. The contestants are also given another task by Bigg Boss where they are required to pick three chits and answer the questions in them honestly. Vanitha says that this is not possible. Fathima Babu steps in to handle the matter and things spiral as Meera and Abhirami end up crying. The other contestants suggest Meera to observe the Bigg Boss house for a few days first so she can learn how to communicate with everyone. In response, Kavin tells her that he likes five female contestants on the show and would only like to be friends with them. Advertising

In the second episode, Abhirami confesses to Kavin that she has a crush on him. Sandy and Tharshan, along with Cheran and Kavin, console him. Even though she gets the cold shoulder from the female contestants, the male contestants welcome her warmly, especially Sandy, who she knows from before. A truth or dare challenge is given to Abhirami and she is asked to flirt with a male contestant in front of Kavin. Cheran, on the other hand, requests that they be given a choice regarding food. Kavin goes and gives her a hug to make her feel better. Even though Tharshan admits to leaving the cup in a different place, Meera asks Abhirami to not show attitude. Abhirami flirts with Mugen in an attempt to make Kavin jealous but Kavin only congratulates Abhirami on finding someone else. Mohan says he views Sandy as his son. Sakshi also tells Vanitha that she doesn’t prefer Pongal and that conversation turns into an argument with Vanitha. Abhirami, in turn, asks Meera to not talk to her. The other housemates even question, jokingly, how Mohan and Sandy are becoming close. Bigg Boss instructs Meera to follow the orders of other inmates to get initiated in the house. Abhirami seems crestfallen but Kavin tells her that it is better if they try to understand each other first. Sakshi and Meera don’t treat her nicely during this task but later apologises to Meera
In the third episode, tensions run high between Abhirami and Meera as they get into an argument over a vegetable cup.